Rejuvenate your content strategy

Content Audit & Gap Analysis

Rejuvenate your
content strategy

Know what your content marketing needs,
and what has and hasn’t been working for you.

Your content needs
to pull its weight

Your website works, but you need more customers and leads. How do you generate more?

The problems

You’re running out of content ideas, and unsure if you’re on the right track. How do you know what’s the next big topic to cover, or the next big keyword to rank for?

Creating content without knowing if it helps you simply drains precious time and resources. You want your content to really work, whether it’s by earning leads, helping people, or going viral.

That’s where a content audit comes in.

How we can help

We’ll not only tell you what people have been searching for. Through a deep content and competitor analysis, you'll know what competitors have been up to, and how you can do better.

You’ll get to apply tried-and-tested content marketing best practices recognised by Google, so you get to rank high.

Our strategy has always been straightforward - Find the correct keywords, generate 'thick' and useful content with a proven framework, leverage social media, and generate guest posts.

It’s that simple.

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